Jumping the Gun




A few warm days has stimulated the Indica Azaleas to begin blooming.  Normally, they do not bloom until early or mid-March.  And a Monarch Butterfly appeared in the garden, it is really too soon for butterflies.  The temperatures are dropping again and will  hopefully slow down the blooms.

12 Comments on “Jumping the Gun”

  1. I hope the butterfly leaves the area in time to survive the next cold blast.

  2. Judge Solomon Azaleas? I hope they make it!

  3. Yes, in Upstate SC it seems we’ve had a few days of winter followed by a few days of spring since the beginning of the year. Last weekend it was in the 50s and now we’re expecting snow on Monday.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Wow, it’s amazing the you saw a Monarch so early in the season. Great pictures!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures

  6. Where do the butterflies take shelter if it gets really cold?
    Great and cheery pix!

    • I am not really sure. Our weather is determined by whatever blows down from the north (Canada – ha ha). I think they may be able to take shelter in trees and tolerate some cold. It seems we are having an early spring.

  7. Not surprised about the butterfly this year! We’ve had a mosquito in the kitchen, a crocus in the lawn and people wearing shorts last Saturday. That PA groundhog got the prediction right this year–early spring, for sure!

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