Gator Hunting

DSC_0204The weekend weather was outrageously warm and sunny which made it a great time to go gator hunting…with a camera, of course.

DSC_0202These two big alligators were sunning right next to the hiking path. They did not mind the paparazzi at all.

DSC_0183In this area were about 30 young alligators with a mother.  It was interesting that the duck was near them, but a ranger explained that the gators eat very little in the winter.


The trail was lined with Spanish Moss laden trees.

DSC_0219Across the water from the path were several more big guys basking in the sun.

DSC_0226This one is hiding its head in the grasses, but we can still see him.

DSC_0230According to park instructions, one is to stay 30 feet from the gators.

DSC_0234And if an alligator come towards you, back away slowing and don’t take your eyes off it.


It was a wonderful day under the moss, spotting alligators.

17 Comments on “Gator Hunting”

  1. Loved the pictures. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Spanish moss helps set the mood.

  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Those are amazing photos! Once when we were on vacation on Sanibel Island, we saw a small gator on the beach. The locals said it must have gotten lost, and returned it to the Sanibel river. Which took more courage than I would have had!

  3. Great gator pictures, I have been in Florida for almost 4 years and have yet to see an alligator despite spending time in the swamp looking for native plants. Strange.

  4. Tina says:

    I’ll be sure to back away, probably not all that slowly though. Great shots!

  5. Chloris says:

    Amazing photos, my goodness you are brave! 30 feet would be too close for me.

  6. This is nowhere near your backyard, right?!!! PS, lucky duck!

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