Roses and Woes

IMG_3438My favorite rose Chrysler Imperial gave up a couple of years ago.  It produces beautiful big flowers and smells like lemon.  The original one I had met its end after 10 years of blooming.  Recently, I was able to find a replacement.

IMG_3440Another of my favorites is the China Green Rose.  It has been in the garden for at least 12 years, but some of it is getting old and weak and split.

IMG_3410Hopefully, the new canes will allow the rose to continue.

IMG_3437To add to the woes, several other roses have suddenly declined.  They are all antique roses  on their own root stock and hopefully this sprout will be a whole new rose bush.


Some roses are not so lucky and even after months of waiting it doesn’t look like this poor rose is coming back.

6 Comments on “Roses and Woes”

  1. Tina says:

    That’s a bummer, especially if you like a particular plant. Then again, your locally owned nursery could be of help…:)

  2. I gave up on Roses about 10 years age, of course, here it is impossible and we have Jasmine and Frangipani.

  3. They are such beautiful flowers, roses. But finicky at times, eh?

  4. Chloris says:

    I love that Chrysler Imperial rose, what a disappointment for you. Roses sometimes suffer from sudden death in my garden due to the dreaded honey fungus.

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