This and That

DSC_0540Here are a snapshots taken with my cell phone while working in the garden this Autumn. The Green Rose (Rosa chinensis viridiflora)  is blooming.  The bush was suffering, but is now having a comeback.  The flowers smell like pepper.

DSC_0557A couple of Monarch caterpillars were spotted on the Butterfly Weed and a few Monarch butterflies have been floating through the garden.

IMG_3122Spider webs are everywhere in the garden, making it impossible to walk around without getting tangled in one.  I try to remind myself that it is just silk and hope the spider did not get in my hair.

IMG_3141The Sweet Olive’s scent has been almost overwhelming this year.  The sweet smell poured through the garden and over the house to the front yard.


Big bees are everywhere.  Here is one on a Confederate Rose.  They are so busy that it is easy to photograph and watch them.


I was finishing another chore, when I glanced down and saw all the seeds scattered from the wild ageratum.  Those were only the seeds that fell outside of the bed!  I guess that is why wildflowers/weeds do so well.  At least this blue ageratum is pretty.

4 Comments on “This and That”

  1. Ahhh, Ageratum – I saw that Green Rose in Chloris’s garden earlier this year – I think they are really neat and have never seen one before.
    Do you have Banana Spiders there? They look like Tarantulas..There were a couple in our house when we bought it, one fell out of the drapes on my face and nearly scared me to death. They are not poisonous, but scary.
    On another subject, do you think Hawks migrate where you are?

    • I haven’t really heard of Banana Spiders, but they may be around. I will research the hawk question, but I do think some migrate here and others just stay. I do believe our Bald Eagles are here all year.

    • I am finally answering your hawk question. Most of the hawks in the area stay all year except Sharp-shinned. I have a hawk that hunts in my yard and I believe it is a Cooper’s hawk. I feed the birds and she eats them. (Look for a future post about it) One day I was cleaning the porch furniture and had it lined up in the yard and the hawk was sitting on it with a great view of the feeder. I have had Bald Eagles in my yard and a Barred Owl has been around for a few years.

      • Thank you, very interesting. I had hawks year round in Atlanta but here it seems they go north for the summer – real Snowbirds. In winter I watch flocks of hawks coming back and am just starting to see them. I live close to a miles long swamp and there are Bald Eagles in there, they fly over from time to time, we have Roseate Spoonbills, Sand Hill Cranes and the occasional Peacock.

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