Flashback Friday

This week I am looking back at Regrets or plants I shouldn’t have planted.  Well, not much has changed and I am still regretting my choices.  All the plants have done well over the summer and have grown out of their bounds. As soon as the temperatures cool down, I’ll be pulling them out to gain back some control.

10 Comments on “Flashback Friday”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    Seriously, I wish you could come spend just two hours in my yard! I would learn so much….

  2. mamadeyoung2012 says:

    I am lucky, so far, as it is only my annual Ageratum that reseeds and it has a huge area to create a “ground cover” for shrubs. My tall Ageratum, if it is that never seems to pop up anywhere else…maybe a look alike that doesn’t reseed?

  3. I understand your regrets, I am fearful of Ageratum myself!

  4. Tina says:

    Do you regret the Blue Mistflower?? It’s one of my favorites. Mine spreads in the immediate vicinity, but it’s never seeded out. Hmmm. Different situations.

    • It is a love/hate situation. The flowers are beautiful and the nectar gathers love it, but it comes up everywhere. I pull most of it up at the end of the season, knowing it will still come back.

      • mamadeyoung2012 says:

        Yes, when pollinated they strew viable seed throughout their garden area..not very polite at all…I have one of my most prolific ones growing in gravel. It’s offsprings are the dickens to dig up. I have tried planting my volunteers elsewhere…as a hedge alongside a field, under trees, in a friend’s yard. I love this plant as do our wild honey bees and other pollinators… I haven’t gotten to the ‘it plagues me’ stage…pioson ivy, johnson grass and black walnuts are my banes…love your posts and the reader’s comments

  5. regrets…I’ve planted a few… 😉

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