Night Blooming Cactus

DSC_0369The Night Blooming Cactus (epiphyllum hookeri) has to be one of the most beautiful flowers I grow.

DSC_0370This year, it rewarded me with an especially nice surprise of sending out four buds.  One bloomed on the first day.

And two flowers opened on the second day.

DSC_0421The third day provided another glorious bloom. The cactus bloomed sometime during the night long after my bedtime, but I was able to get the photos early in the morning before they closed.


In a previous post, I was complaining about the unwieldy plant and it has only gotten worse.  Look against the brick wall at the stem it sent out.  It is about 80 inches long and the cactus is so unruly, I couldn’t even photograph the whole thing.

I am ready to put the cactus in the garden and let it grow up a tree, but after doing some research, it seems that the plant does not like freezing temperatures.  So, somehow I will drag it to the corner of the porch for the winter where it will be protected and covered on those cold days.  Hopefully in return, the cactus will continue to reward me with beautiful blooms.

11 Comments on “Night Blooming Cactus”

  1. Tina says:

    Those flowers are just stunning! I’ve seen them before, but never have grown them.

  2. Rewards for the patient gardener. These cactus are common around here – I have one growing up my wall that has never bloomed, it startles me sometimes because I think it’s a snake!

  3. mattb325 says:

    It’s a lovely flower. I used to see them in coastal Sydney, rambling over sheds and trees (and they do look just as unruly in the ground), but I never did see them in flower 🙂

  4. Chloris says:

    Beautiful. I grow epis because I love their stunning flowers but as you say the plants become really ungainly. Each time a bit breaks off you have to plant it and you end up with more and more. Is your night blooming one fragrant?

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