Taking Control


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just have to take over and take control.  The beautiful Golden Dewdrop plant/shrub/tree got out of control.  The person at the nursery said it was a low and vine-like plant.  Then it grew into a pretty shrub.  But it could not be stopped and became a small tree that was planted in wrong place.  This is what happens when the situation is not controlled and proper research is not done.  We will not mention whose fault that is!


After a few years of pruning (just made it grow more) and tying it up (so strong it broke loose) it finally had to go.  The Golden Dewdrop (Duranta erecta) was leaning forward and down a bank.  Not wanting to be without it, cuttings were taken and carefully monitored in a big pot.


Happily the Golden Dewdrop bloomed its first year.  Now that it is potted, it can be controlled and moved to a more spacious location if needed.

15 Comments on “Taking Control”

  1. My neighbor has one of these – it is at least 8 feet tall! Butterflies love it, me not so much.

  2. mattb325 says:

    The duranta can be trained into all sorts of things. I’ve seen it as a standard, as a sort of vine grown up a trellis, a rambling shrub and small tree. If you cut it back hard it will bounce back without any worries at all

  3. Tina says:

    I’ve always used the term “Sky Flower” for it’s common name. I like this plant, though mine has never done very well. It dies back during winter, takes forever to reappear, blooms minimally. I developed my plant crush on it and HAD to have one when I noticed a mature one loaded with autumn migrating Monarchs. Alas, I don’t think anything likes mine. Still, I keep it around.

  4. Sheryl says:

    When a plant starts taking over my garden, I tend to get rid of it, but I like how you potted your Golden Dewdrop.

  5. When we moved into our house there was a 20ft tree planted 2ft from the foundation of a house. It was an ornamental pear. The previous owners had planted it because the greenhouse told them it would “only get so big”. We had a 50ft ornamental pear at our last apartment….pretty sure that greenhouse guy just wanted to make a sale.

  6. Christina says:

    Sadly, staff in nurseries often just say what they think you want to hear. It looks a lovely plant so I’m glad you were able to get cuttings to strike so that you can continue to enjoy the plant but in a better location.

  7. Never underestimate the power of a plant (especially if it’s called Audrey, btw)! 😉

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