The Power of Seeds


I was really surprised to find seeds still sticking to my socks after they were washed and put through the dryer.  Just another example on how seeds can hitch a ride and travel far.  Ingenious.

I was also surprised to see my socks still looked dirty.

16 Comments on “The Power of Seeds”

  1. Tina says:

    It’s amazing all the dispersal mechanisms that seeds employ to scatter their DNA–socks included!

  2. I get the same thing, time for some bleach! Rest assured those pro bably aren’t seeds of anything you want in your garden.

  3. Plants are actually very sneaky creatures. Wait, they’re not creatures? Coulda fooled me! 😉

  4. mattb325 says:

    A true gardener’s sock, complete with dirt and seeds that won’t budge! I’ve taken to buying light grey socks for that very reason 🙂

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