Just Add Dirt


These Air Potato Vine (Discorea bulbifera) tubers were collected last fall.  I was concerned that they had over produced.  The tubers were thrown into a pot and left in the garage.  Nothing stops the Air Potato and when spring came they grew.


Never being able to throw out a living plant, I added dirt and the vine took off.  I have it in an area that I can control its habit and harvest the tubers before they escape.

6 Comments on “Just Add Dirt”

  1. Air Potatoes are reviled here in South Florida, to the point I did not even realize what they were except bad. Those are actually neat looking and I have seen one here?!
    Thanks for sharing the photo.

    • Yes, they can get out of control and probably especially in Florida. We have enough freezes here to knock them back. I have dug up all the ones in my yard and plan to pick the tubers as soon as they form.

  2. mattb325 says:

    What an amazing will to survive!

  3. So do the tubers form above ground? I have seen these (and sounds like I probably don’t want to?!) How creative Mother Nature can be!

    • Yes, they form on the vine and later drop off. The vines grow very long and will climb up trees. It is a great system to allow the vine to send its progeny to a new location. The vines die back every winter here, but once the tubers are in the ground, they will sprout every year.

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