Chores Interrupted


Some plants were not watered this morning.  A young Copperhead Snake was on the back porch, nicely curled up in a plant saucer.  It did not mind the photo shoot at all.

14 Comments on “Chores Interrupted”

  1. Ann Coleman says:

    As a rule, I don’t mind snakes, but copperheads scare me, a lot!!! Glad you saw it in time!

  2. Chloris says:

    You stopped to take a photo? How very cool of you. They are venomous aren’ t they? Oh my goodness, I would be terrified.

  3. mattb325 says:

    Ugggh. Our copperheads are toxic (although not particularly aggressive) – are yours venomous?

  4. Oh no! First fear then awe!

  5. And they’re quiet, right? Out West, at least you could sometimes hear the rattler and get a little warning. Yikes!!!

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