I Cannot Lie, I Like Lizards


Yes, I love lizards.  This year there seems to be a large population of lizards.  They are everywhere.  This old one was enjoying the day by relaxing on a leaf rocking in the breeze.


This poor baby was in my shopping cart.  I did not notice him until I unloaded all my groceries.  I was able to catch him and deposited him in some bushes at the edge of the parking lot.  He had his eyes closed for the trip across the lot.


I had never seen this before.  The Anole Lizard was licking the sugar that had dripped on the leaves.  Notice its little pink tongue.  The Hummingbirds were not happy!

These are all Green Anole Lizards that can change colors.


3 Comments on “I Cannot Lie, I Like Lizards”

  1. You’re very lucky having such interesting wildlife. I’m envious!

  2. You must be very fast indeed to catch a lizard! PS, I think they’re kinda cute, too.

  3. Tina says:

    Anoles are the best. I’m missing mine–they’re “squirreled” away, keeping warm. Happy 2016 to you!

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