Shrimp Bugs


These lovely creatures have been hatching on the porches week after week.  They don’t seem to live long and the birds, lizards and toads won’t eat them.


They are called lawn shrimp and do look like little shrimps.  They are swept up on a regular basis and added to the garden beds.  Bugs are part of life in a subtropical climate, but some days it is just too much!


8 Comments on “Shrimp Bugs”

  1. Wow, a bug I haven’t had yet!!

  2. mattb325 says:

    That’s not a job for the squeamish. I googled them, and apparently they are native to Australia?!, but I’ve never ever seen one!

  3. Chloris says:

    How weird, I ‘ ve never seen anything like them before.

  4. How odd! Nature never ceases to amaze!!!

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