Grass Project (or you get what you wish for)

I had prepared this post over the weekend as we did the grass project.  The most important part of the project was hoping for rain.  Well, our wish came true many fold.  Our freeways look like lakes full of cars.  People spent the night sitting on high ground beside the road.  All our rivers and bayous are full and running into some houses.  Schools and work have been canceled.  Nature does like taking us from one extreme to another.  We suffered years of drought and now it is over with a bang (and a few bolts of lightening).


This part of the country is just coming out of a drought.  Our average rainfall is 52.69 inches a year.  The national average is 39.17 with Portland, Oregon receiving 36.15 and Jay, Florida beats us all with 70.73 average per year.  The year-to-date rainfall for this area has been 58.36 currently.  It is safe to say we are caught up for now.

The lack of rain has left a large area in the backyard with no St. Augustine grass.  The weeds liked it there.


Finally, with day after day of rain we thought it would be a good idea to try to get the proper grass to fill in the bare patch.  The plan is to put down a layer of compost and grass squares on top.  St. Augustine grows like a vine and sends out runners.  It cannot be seeded.


So, with a prayer and water from the sky, the bare patch might turn green again.



6 Comments on “Grass Project (or you get what you wish for)”

  1. Fingers crossed tor your new lawn. I threw some errant slabs of St Augustine in my dog yard a couple of years ago, now I have a 20 by 20 foot area of nice grass.

  2. mattb325 says:

    Yes, you guys are set to benefit from an El Nino that is forming in the pacific (Australia’s turn again for drought!) – I’ve seen the images on the news and it has been terrible seeing so much devastation 😦

  3. We just had a huge downpour last night & a few little fruit trees went sideways. We like rain but not (quite) this much! Glad to hear you guys made it through safely!

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