Hello Mr. Greenjeans


Mr. Greenjeans just popped up to say hello.  As he is always around the garden, he deserved a name.


He can easily glide across the top of this camellia.


Mr. Greenjeans has a sly smile as he slithers towards the sun.


This green Ribbon Snake can easily climb up last year’s Texas Star Hibiscus stems. He is a graceful and amazing creature.



8 Comments on “Hello Mr. Greenjeans”

  1. mattb325 says:

    Now that’s the sort on snake I’d prefer to have in the garden. Unfortunately for me, most of the snakes around my garden are deadly and many are aggressive to boot…so if I see one, I run in the opposite direction!

  2. I have several black racers and one big Coachwhip, no one has been named – yet.

  3. Ann Coleman says:

    How big is he? I love that you’ve named him!

  4. He totally looks like he was watching you! Yikes!!!

  5. Christina says:

    I have snakes in the garden too, but I rarely see them but sometimes I hear them moving through the undergrowth; they make a different noise to the lizards.

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