Decisions Are Made…Frick and Frack Part II


Frick and Frack have decided on a nesting site.  They carefully pluck moss from the moss rocks.


The moss is used on the nest roof.


Pine needles make the entry hole. Leaves and spider silk are also used.


Frick has decided on the large pot on the patio.


And Frack has decided on a the vine growing up the pillar.  Is this a nest building contest? A spousal disagreement? So which nest will be used?  Stay tuned.

Enlarge to see the anole lizard checking out the nest.

6 Comments on “Decisions Are Made…Frick and Frack Part II”

  1. I love your posts on Frick and Frack. That’s another delightful thing about Spring: Things are always happening in the garden.

  2. atkokosplace says:

    I’m looking forward to more from Frick and Frack!

  3. mattb325 says:

    It’s great to see how busy this pair are! It’s also wonderful that they have called your garden home for so many years…I do like seeing their adventures 🙂

  4. Sheryl says:

    It’s fun to read about Frick and Frack.

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