Frick and Frack

Frick and Frack are Carolina Wrens that have been in the garden for years (or their offspring).  They are named after a skating duo that did incredible, but silly feats.


Frick (the female) and Frack are always together.  When one is hunting for food, the other stands guard.  They are in constant communication with very loud vocalizations for such small birds.


Nest location is important business that takes lots of discussion.


Frick thought this pot would be a good place for a nest, made a hole and started to add moss and Loblolly needles.


But Frack thought maybe this taller planter might work.


The Wrens found the frost cloth in the garage and tried it until the door shut them out.

In past years Frick and Frack built their nest in a hanging pot and in a vine.


Here is the story of how Frick and Frack got their names.  Several years ago they decided to build a nest in a gourd left on the porch in the table rungs. They worked all day bringing bits and pieces of moss and Loblolly Pines needles to the gourd.


The next morning Frack was on the porch jumping around and tweeting loudly.  The gourd was stuffed full of pine needles and hole was blocked by about 3 inches of needles sticking out (similar to this photo).  Definitely a silly stunt. Was Frick stuck inside?  Later she showed up.  After much discussion or cussing, they abandoned the gourd.


On to the next porch which contained fountain made from a coffee pot.  And that became their nest.


Weeks later it was time to get the kids out of the nest.  First came Fred, who immediately flew into a window and knocked himself out.  Frick and Frack were not too concerned and kept working on getting the others out of the coffee pot nest.


Fredericka and Frances made their way out of the coffee pot, but Francie just was not going to leave it.  That lead to quite a long period of  time with Frick and Frack  encouraging (or yelling at)  her.  Finally, Francie appeared and Fred finally came to.

The Carolina Wren parents lined up Fred, Fredericka, Frances and Francie on the brick wall and all jumped into the flower bed to search for their own lunch.


7 Comments on “Frick and Frack”

  1. mattb325 says:

    That’s too cute! It’s amazing to see how many attempts they have at making a nest 🙂

  2. Lily Lau says:

    So lovely…! 🙂

  3. Sheryl says:

    What a fun bird family! Their antics are fun to read about.

  4. Love those wrens! So loud but so welcome for all their antics–thanks for sharing this story!!!

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