From Drought to Drown

After several years of drought and water rationing, we are back to having rain.  My area received 4.20″ in that last 7 days with most of it coming within 2 days and 51.44″ for this year to date.  Some neighborhoods received more.  Plants are sitting in water and all the drought tolerant plants we were encouraged to  plant probably aren’t happy.

The stepping stones through the wooded part of the garden are covered with water and the yard makes sucking noises as I walk.  Gutters are still running even though the rain has stopped.  We are on alert as our local river may spill over its banks, in contrast to the new “islands” that showed up in the river during the drought.

The yard is drained by a underground French drain which is still flowing out towards the street.

The earth is ever changing with warm winters turning back to cold and dry times reverting to wet.  The amazing native plants and trees of the Gulf Coast take it in stride and continue on.


6 Comments on “From Drought to Drown”

  1. mattb325 says:

    That’s an amazing amount of rain in just two months! I do imagine the drought tolerant plants will rot. I guess this is the time for many gardeners to look to old-fashioned plants and natives to cope with the variable weather patterns

  2. We need some new plants – weather tolerant. That leaves you with Yaupon Holly and Wax Myrtles! and Milk and Wine Lily for color.

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