“They” Said Don’t Do It…


…don’t plant violets.  “They” said they would spread and fill your beds.


“They” were right, as “they” usually are.  Now my time is spent removing the violets that have grown out of their bounds.


But still, it is hard to resist the violets’ darling faces!


10 Comments on ““They” Said Don’t Do It…”

  1. mattb325 says:

    They are lovely, but yes, they sure do spread!

  2. My mother had a violet lawn, it was beautiful, also unintentional.

  3. They’re beautiful! And at least they’re relatively easy to pull when they get out of bounds. I have some growing in my lawn (well, not now, I only have snow on my lawn right now…)

  4. But they’re so cheerful!!!

  5. Sheryl says:

    The violets are so delicate and lovely. This post is almost making me think that I should plant some. 🙂

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