Hate and Love


When describing feelings towards the Mother of Thousands plant, the word hate has to come first. The plant has insured its existence by being able to reproduce by the thousands or perhaps millions.


The word love comes second, because no matter how much time is put into removing its many progeny, its flowers are beautiful enough to keep a few plants around.


Unfortunately, it blooms when it is the coldest on the Gulf Coast and it must be protected by carefully building a tent around it without breaking the stems.


The tubular flowers have a glorious combination of pinks, oranges and purples that are intensified when the sun hits them, resembling the colors of a desert sunset.

Click and enlarge the first and last photo to view the colors.

4 Comments on “Hate and Love”

  1. They call it Mother of Millions down here, I am afraid to have any! These have always reminded me of Alstromeria.

  2. Does the hummer go to this flower? It looks like the perfect color/shape for them!

  3. gaiainaction says:

    How beautiful, love your blog, thank you for following me too, glad I found yours.

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