Someone is Home


This photo of a Monarch chrysalis was taken in early January.  Since then, it has been cold and wet.  The chrysalis turned dark and appeared to be rotting.


But the sun came out and it now looks like someone is home!  Click and enlarge photos to see what you think.


After two days of trying to get a good shot with the right natural light (don’t have correct equipment), I finally took some pretty good photos.


The chrysalis has become transparent and it sure looks like there is a creature in it.  Now if only I am ready with the camera when it emerges!

5 Comments on “Someone is Home”

  1. I see a caterpillar in your future

  2. Believe me, being there is *very* tricky! I waited weeks and then missed it by minutes, I swear!!!

  3. upsidediy says:

    That is so neat! I hope you can catch him emerging!

  4. What a special set of photos! Well done.

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