Just Ugly Revisited


The Just Ugly has multiplied into many Uglies. (Click and enlarge for the complete Ugly Experience.)


Here are a few of the  Air Potato Vine bulbs that have been found and including two brand new smooth ones that developed “in the air” and fell to the ground to make more.  When researching the Ugly Potatoes, the word invasive keeps coming up.   It seemed like a good time to dig them up and gain control.  They will have to spend their life in a pot and highly supervised.

5 Comments on “Just Ugly Revisited”

  1. Did you plant them? Are they real potatoes? Never heard of them.

    • Yes, I did plant them. Someone gave them to me. Many people grow them in my area and train them to go around trees. The vine does not seem to hurt the tress, as here they die back every year. The potato vine leaves are really pretty green and heart-shaped. The bulbs look like potatoes, but even animals don’t eat the bulbs or leaves. If you click on the link I added, my last post on the vines gives a more detailed explanation. That post “Just Ugly” receives the most views on my blog. Not sure what that says about people’s searches!

  2. mattb325 says:

    I’ve seen this in tropical areas, but never knew the name…thanks for posting!

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