A Theif


A crime was committed in broad daylight!  An experienced thief swiftly infiltrated his target and by the looks of the surgical detail, it was not his first time.  After being caught in the act, some of the haul was left behind.  The thief has not been identified, but as he scurried away a grey a bushy tail was seen.

7 Comments on “A Theif”

  1. I had a similar event, but thought the culprit was a bird. Destroyed the cushion!

  2. mattb325 says:

    You can only wonder what he will use that piece of fabric for 🙂

  3. They come right behind me and dig things up! I think they are always watching??

  4. Someone needs a little bit fluff for their nest, methinks…

  5. Hah! I mean: sorry ’bout that.

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