Silent Fall/Winter Ended


Smart Girl, my favorite cardinal from 2012.

Smart Girl, my favorite cardinal from 2012.


This Fall and Winter were unusually silent.  Most of the birds were gone.  Not only in the Automatic Garden, but all over the area.  People had actually written to the city and community papers wondering what happened to the birds.  The weeks and months rolled on and the yard was mostly silent.  A local bird expert explained that the birds may be changing their territories.  All of them?

This last week the bird activity finally started to change.  The birds are slowly coming back.  This morning the garden was filled with the usual variety of local birds along with winter visitors.  There was quite a ruckus in the trees and four Red-Tailed Hawks were spotted.  It is unusual to see them, especially as a group. They may have been migrating.  Shortly after the hawks moved on, there was another ruckus on the other side of the fence.  The Barred Owl was out and was being chased by a Bluejay.


One winter visitor is the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  This is an old photo, but there is a Kinglet poking around the shrubs looking for bugs.  I hurriedly put some sugar water out for him.  It is reassuring to finally have the trees filled with the calling and singing sounds of birds again.

6 Comments on “Silent Fall/Winter Ended”

  1. mattb325 says:

    Great shots! The one thing I notice when I travel overseas is the general absence of birdlife (compared to Australia), everywhere here has the noisy, constant chatter of birds from dawn to dusk, becoming absolutely raucous at the start and finish of each day…I can’t imagine losing all of that. I’m glad they returned for you!

  2. The birds may be here, there are an astounding number of birds around…flocks of red tailed hawks, I never realized they migrated but we only see them in the winter.

  3. We started hearing something that sounded suspiciously like spring song the other day. Today we have a blizzard on tap. Do *not* expect to hear much singing. (Snow blowers, yes, birds, no. *sigh* )

  4. I can imagine how disturbing it was to not see or hear the birds at all. Glad they are returning!

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