Where Have the Butterflies Gone?


Monarchs have finally arrived to the area, but only two were seen in the garden where they were feeding on Tropical Milkweed.  Hopefully, they will have a safe trip to Mexico.  According to Monarch Watch, their numbers are going down.


Sulphur Butterflies are common here.  This one is on a cigar plant which is also a favorite of hummingbirds.


Gulf Fritillary Butterflies have filled the garden with caterpillars in the past, but now few show up.

The garden used to be filled with many different varieties of butterflies.  Where are they now?  There are many different theories, but for the time being we gardeners can just do our best to grow blooming plants that butterflies prefer.  Has anyone else seen a decline of butterflies in their area?


5 Comments on “Where Have the Butterflies Gone?”

  1. mattb325 says:

    It’s great that you are providing food and plants for the butterflies…I think that butterfly numbers are in decline the (temperate & subtropical) world over. With climate change and habitat loss, they certainly are having a hard time of it. Lets hope they can adapt before it’s too late…..

  2. I want to plant more perennials for our Monarchs, too! And you’re right, I haven’t seen as many as I’d hope to this year. 😦

    • Milkweed is their favorite. I know it is a weed up north, but Monarch Watch is trying to get people to grow as much as possible. Apparently, because of more farming for fuel, milkweed is being removed from open fields and meadows.

  3. Yes, we did, especially monarchs and the large yellow one with black spots (swallowtail?)

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