Blooming Mania


This year the Confederate Rose is just bursting with buds.  There are nearly 50 clusters of buds on the tree and each cluster has up to 10 buds.


The flowers open white.


And then turn a dark pink or rose color.


The buds are opening slowing, usually one flower per cluster.


The Confederate Rose will be providing beautiful flowers throughout the Autumn season.

7 Comments on “Blooming Mania”

  1. A real show-stopper! And so much fun to watch it transform, I’ll bet!

  2. Hit “post” too soon. How come a rose grows on a maple bush? Those leaves look like maple….

    • It is an interesting plant. It is actually a hibiscus and is generally a passalong plant in the South. The actual bush/tree is very gangly and takes up a lot of space, which may be why it isn’t sold very often in nurseries. But because it is an old fashion plant, the bees love it. Our temperatures have dropped today (thank you Canada!) and the Confederate Rose is full of blooms and is gorgeous right now, which makes up for its unattractiveness during the rest of the year.

      • Nice of you to thank Canada for something like dropping temperatures…. (smile) I’m trying hard to do so.

      • Actually, we love that Canadian cold here. The weather people have been talking about the front coming for more than a week. The saying here is that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours as it will change. Our weather depends on the direction of the wind. Cool weather comes from Canada and warm from the Gulf of Mexico. This current cold front means the temperatures are only going to be in the mid 70’s with low humidity. A breath of fresh air for us!

      • OK then, if you say so.
        We’d love to send you even more of our cold weather in December, January, February, March…. Just promise tow arm it up then send it back.

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