Gave It A Try


Yes, this is a weed patch.  It was a bed of Black- Eyed Susans inundated with weeds.  Not wanting to use herbicide, I covered the bed with black lawn bags hoping to bake and smother the weeds and seeds.  After more than a month, the bags were removed and the soil looked great.  The Black-Eyed Susans’ seeds were replanted and soon tiny green leaves appeared.   But, a couple of weeks later the plants’ leaves were developed enough to clearly identify them.  All were weeds.

I guess I will have to do weed removal the old fashion way and pick every single one out by hand!  The bed is  about 5′ by 3′ which is much bigger than this close-up shot. Pick, pick, pick…

7 Comments on “Gave It A Try”

  1. Can you use a hoe? I like those really sharp, long-handled ones. Saves the bending, etc. Either way, thanks for not spraying!!! 🙂

  2. mattb325 says:

    You certainly have your work cut out for you! If I can offer some lazy advice, on a cool, damp morning, prick out and pot up the Black-Eyed Susans that you want to keep and then turn the rest of the soil over….when those weeds are dead, you can pop the Black-Eyed Susans back in….

  3. for some reason, your posts are not showing in my WordPress Reader. I missed quite a few and am only catching up now.

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