Autumn Rains


The Fall rains have returned after being gone for several years.  These Fall blooming Rain Lilies are enjoying rain every few days and are blooming better than ever.

A drought and warmer weather has been over us for a few years and has changed our gardening habits.  Plants were switched to ones that liked dry soil and our zone was “extended” by the warmer weather to include more tropicals as they were making it through the winter.

This year was different.  Winter was cold and the rains have come.  The hardiest plants are still in the Automatic Garden and others were just a passing fancy.

8 Comments on “Autumn Rains”

  1. mattb325 says:

    The same thing happened here in Australia with the ten year drought in the south east of the country a few years ago; so many gardens were switched to low-water and trendy succulent style varieties that when it started raining again, they all rotted…to me, when selecting plants, I try to look for the oldest and most neglected garden in the neighbourhood. If old plants are thriving in those situations (without being weedy) then they are definitely worth a try!

  2. Sheryl says:

    I find that some of my perennials move gradually across several years in my garden as they seek the soil, amount of sunlight, and micro-climate that best suit them.

  3. Jardin says:

    “A passing fancy” … think I’ll adopt that for all the plants that fail – or I fail them!

  4. Those lilies are pretty. Never seen them before.

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