The Guard


After being gone for a few days, I found this little hummingbird taking up a guard post on the back porch.  The little bird spent the first few days after its arrival chasing around the two local hummers that had spent the summer in the Automatic Garden.  Then the Bottlebrush (blurry red in upper right of photo)  started to bloom and the hummingbird population almost tripled.  The guard bird had its work cut out.  To help ease its ceaseless  duties, I added a feeder to the trellis  guard post.  This hummingbird seems somewhat different from the usual visitors.  It has a bright orange spot on  either side of its neck below the eyes.  Maybe an immature Allen’s?  If there are any experts out there let me know.

All of nature continues in a cycle every year with very little changes.  As I started this post, I realized I had already ready written it.  Please check out Fuel.

One Comment on “The Guard”

  1. What a tweet little birdie!

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