Long before I had garden beds to fill with plants, this incredible wild flower spurred my passion for gardening.  It was hanging over an apartment complex fence and was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.


It was long before the ease of using the internet and most apartment dwellers had little knowledge of flowers.  The beautiful flower’s impression stayed with me and years later I found its name…Passion Flower or its wild form, Maypop.


Maypops (Passiflora incarnata) grow on woodland edges and bloom spring to fall. The scented flowers open in the early evening and for only one day.  They are host for the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly.  The Maypop’s fruits are 3 inches around and have an interesting scent.  There are many forms and colors of Passion flowers for sale in nurseries, but nothing stirs a gardener’s passion like finding a Maypop in the wild!



2 Comments on “Passion”

  1. Love how the flowers & fauna work together!

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