The Heat of the Day


Heat. Stifling, wilting, melting hot.  So are the summers along the Gulf Coast.


Trying to deflect the sun’s rays, blades curl.


Leaves flop over waiting for evening’s relief.

Such are the hot summer days of July and August.  Wilting occurs when plants put out more moisture than they take in.  This process is called transpiration and is a self-protective mechanism plants use to survive excessive heat.  Nature provides plants for every climate and while many wilt, others such as tropicals thrive in the heated oppressive air.




6 Comments on “The Heat of the Day”

  1. Jardin says:

    We’re having a mini-heat wave here in Dublin (25C is classified as hot here!) -the worst part is the humidity … sometimes wilting myself when gardening!

  2. David says:

    They flop over, then I flop over! I’ve used up to 4 shirts in one day due to garden sweat. If we could only get a nice breeeze, it would make a difference. But here in the urban district, all the buildings block most of our breezes.

    • I see from your blog you are having the same thoughts. They say we have had a cooler summer…its all relative. The rains have been nice this year and I have been able to cut back on watering here and there.

  3. Nice photography! Even your wilting garden looks great!

  4. Looks like my poor hydrangeas in the backyard! They’ve been living it up in the relatively mild weather we’ve had so far and then bam–real summer. Good luck & stay cool!!!

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