Demanding Animals


Over the years there have been some intelligent, stand-out wild animals that have come through the garden.  This is the case of the rabbit and cardinal in the photo.  The male cardinal figured out that I was the source of his morning feeding.  He would start hopping around on the back porch waiting for me to come out.  Next he would wait on the porch roof and fly over my head to a tree near the feeder, waiting impatiently for his breakfast.  As time went on the cardinal would fly beside me on the way to the feeder and the ultimate fearless feat was flying through the porch just a few feet from me, demanding that I  hurry up.

It wasn’t long until the rabbit caught on.  More than once he came charging across the yard when he saw me with the seed, stopping at an uncomfortable (for me) proximity to my feet.

The ultimate pressure came one morning when the cardinal was perched on a porch chair and the rabbit was waiting on the sidewalk to the porch.  Who is training who?


2 Comments on “Demanding Animals”

  1. Oh no, do rabbits eat bird feed, too?! We are (even more) in trouble (than I realized)!!!

    • They sure do! Feeding the birds brings lots of unwanted animals into the garden, including raccoons which empty out all the feeders at night. I used to have an animal that would rip up the hummingbird feeders at night and we do not have bears here.

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