Armadillo Romp


Four babies’ tails are spotted in the yard.  (Click photo to see the one on the far right.)


The baby armadillos are plowing through the leaves looking for a meal of bugs and grubs.


They don’t mind having their picture taken or even care that humans are close.  Lunch is their priority.


Time to slip under the fence to check out the neighbor’s bugs.  Toodle-oo.


6 Comments on “Armadillo Romp”

  1. So they are helpful to the gardens?

    • Yes and no. It is good that they eat grubs. But to get the grubs, they plow up everything in their path including plants. Armadillos also like to dig burrows under ornamental shrubbery. I live in an a heavily wooded area, but the armadillos prefer a suburban garden setting (and so do their rabbit friends). There are escape holes under all sides of my fence. Yes, I even tried to fill them in and cover the holes, but the armadillos and other animals just dig new holes. Even though my plants get damaged, I do enjoy watching the wild life that visits.

  2. David says:

    Well, you’ve got me beat on wildlife. I’ve never had armadillos in my garden! The babies are always so cute. Where do they live? Have you found their burrow? Hopefully they don’t do too much digging in your beautiful garden.
    David/ :0)

    • I have not found the burrow, but they seem to always head under the fence to the neighbors. I had a burrow for years in a flower bed and they finally moved. Hopefully, the babies will be chased out to find their own territory. I am watching the evolution of your new garden. I have had the situation where the neighbors are too close and have planted wax myrtle along my fence line. They are evergreen and grow fast.

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