How to Fill a Pot


This pot of dirt was set down and forgotten until a little seedling sprouted up.  The pot was left directly under a Pink Salvia that dropped a seed into the center of it.  Definitely, an easy no work required way to fill a pot with flowers!

3 Comments on “How to Fill a Pot”

  1. David says:

    Isn’t Mother Nature so cool! Maybe I could just do this from now on…put little pots of dirt under mother plants. LOL

    • She really is! I just came in from the yard and found seedlings coming up everywhere and like in your previous post, they do like the rocks and gravel. Sometimes I purposely put plants that are about to drop their seed over the cobble rocks around the house and get a really good germination rate.

  2. Hilarious! This is not just automatic, it’s accidental gardening! 🙂

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