A Cottage Garden


Cottage Garden is the best way to describe this bed.  It is densely planted with perennials and reseeding annuals.  A few of the annuals that came up outside the bed, were transplanted to better locations. The only new plants added were the Nasturtium from purchased seed.


The white Bishop Flowers’ seeds were collected last summer after they ripened and were scattered in early winter.  Not being satisfied with their germination, more seeds were added…maybe too many!  But, this bed required very little work or money to fill in the space.



6 Comments on “A Cottage Garden”

  1. It’s beautiful. I try to call my garden beds a cottage garden too, but no-one is fooled. It looks nowhere as lovely as yours.

    • The garden is at its peak right now. The temperatures are rising and that bed will go “asleep” for the summer and perk up again in the fall. I have a bed of tropicals to get me through the summer! I need to do some before and after photos. The bed was badly frozen this past winter and it really surprised me on how well it came back.

      • It’s an old-time spring where, where no-one knew quite what to expect after the brutal winter. Our rhodos are in trouble, but we’re leaving them to see what survives.
        The wild rabbits, deprived of their winter food (snow on the ground for 4 months straight) ate the tender stems of all our shrubs, plus ate very clematis vine down to the ground. But several are coming back from the roots, and I think I spy two seedlings nearby.

  2. mattb325 says:

    That is a beautiful early summer border! I love the mix of colours and leaf shapes – very, very artfully put together

    • Thank you for the compliment, but most of the “art” comes on its own. Most of the plants in that bed are perennials and reseeders. The perennials have actually moved around the bed on their own. Maybe nature knows best!

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