ICU Patient


Here in the Automatic Garden every plant is given a second chance.  Sometimes it is necessary to put them in the Intensive Care Unit and out of sight.  The ICU  is in a bed in the farthest corner of the garden under shady trees.  Plants are watered by the sprinkler and left in nature’s hands.  This Jewel of Opar was barely alive.  Forgotten it was left out during the freeze and seemed to be dead and gone.  Weeks later, to my surprise, the pot was filled with a growing Jewel of Opar.


3 Comments on “ICU Patient”

  1. Jardin says:

    I think many gardeners have that little spot for what seem like hopeless cases. Always a nice surprise when one perks up!

  2. Sheryl says:

    I have a lot of ICU plants at the moment. I brought a geranium inside last fall–and then started a lot of new ones from it a few months ago. The new plants are still in pots, but can’t seem to get acclimated to being outside. I keep bringing them back into the house to recuperate.

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