Joyce’s Plants

Is there a person in your life that was influential in your gardening?  Joyce was that person  for me. She shared her plants or found new ones for me to try.  Now it is time for me to take care of her plants.  In taking guardianship, her legacy will continue and be shared.


This Staghorn fern is at least 23 years old.  It was always lovingly brought into the garage every year to winter-over.


Chocolate plant was always a staple in her yard.


Joyce searched high and low to find this Butterfly Vine like the one she grew in her garden.  These vines make seed pods that look exactly like a flying butterfly.


Shrimp plants flourished in Joyce’s garden and grew in abundance providing many bouquets for the house.


Joyce introduced me to my first Ginger plant.  She hunted down the “Ginger Lady” who occasionally sold plants.


Mussaenda luteol delighted Joyce with its unusual tropical flowers.  It is advertised as an annual, but by giving it a warm place in the winter, it will continue to survive.  This one is around 10 years old.


Joyce shared this Aloe with me and it has multiplied many times over.  Stories are still told on how Joyce soothed many burns with her Aloe.

And she also knew that 15 pounds of fertilizer was the perfect birthday gift!

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