Pop, Pop, Pop

The trees and shrubs suddenly popped with flowers!  It seemed to happen over night.  Each morning in spring holds a new surprise to start the day.


The Fringe Tree opened its leaves and wispy flowers practically at the same time.


Nature does a great job timing the Weeping Bottle Brush blooms with the return of the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.  The hummers would not pose for a photo!


This shrub popped full of flowers all at once.  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow starts with purple flowers that fade to lavender and then to white.


3 Comments on “Pop, Pop, Pop”

  1. I could be wrong but it feels like all the flowers popped quickly this year! Like they were in a big hurry, the crocuses were still blooming when the tulips were almost open and the daffodils and the allium are right behind. Maybe that hard winter had something to do with that? 🙂

    • It seems that way down here too and other gardeners I have spoken to think the same. There is a lot more going on with plant than we (non-scientists) might think. Recently, I watched a PBS Nature documentary from 2013 call “What Plants Talk About” (it may be on the PBS website) and read “What a Plant Knows” by Daniel Chamovitz. Both explore plants’ reactions to their environments. It is an amazing world we live in!

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