Finally, some blooms in the garden.  The few days of freezing temperatures halted the usual winter flowers.  On the bright side, this White by the Gate Camellia is spectacular this year.  The cold and lack of rain prevented the usual growth of fungus on the flowers.


White flowers seem to be the first to bloom. Southern snow?  The Paperwhites may also have enjoyed the cold.


The Snowdrop is a reliable bloomer here.  The green dots on the edges are so sweet.


Bees have been getting their food from the hummingbird feeder, as not many flowers are blooming.  The Hummingbird is quite upset about this and flies from feeder to feeder trying to chase them away.  The bees won’t budge!


This Red Velvet Camellia is the only color in the garden at the moment.

3 Comments on “Finally”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    That red camellia is gorgeous! Love your white one, too. I’ve been noticing more bees lately – seems like they’re just as ready as I am for spring to begin!

  2. Snowdrops! So lovely! All we get is snow up here, it seems. But I did some daffodils breaking through recently so there’s hope!!!

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