Sad Return


After being away from the Automatic Garden during the Arctic Blast, homecoming was very sad.  A majority of the plants were burned from the cold.  Many have never been affected from a freeze, but this one was epic.  Usually frost cloth will save the tender plants, but alas, no one was home to cover them.


This Firecracker plant (Russelia) has never froze until now.  It is a hummingbird favorite.  I was glad to see my Rufous survived the low temperatures.  Another hummer friend showed up…or should I say frenemie!  The flowers are dead, but plenty of feeders are up to provide substance.


The Pentas have made it through two previous years.  Now it is time for replacements.


On the upside, the Nandina finally turned red!  The garden will  provide days of exercise while cutting back dead plant material. Now there will be no doubt which plants are truly suited for the Automatic Garden when they grow back in the spring.

4 Comments on “Sad Return”

  1. Jardin says:

    Always upsetting to lose plants in a harsh winter but … new beginnings.
    Here in Ireland we’ve had a remarkably mild winter – so far!

  2. How cold did it get? This weekend is looking chilly for us again but not nearly as bad as the last one!

  3. This Spring will be interesting to see what survived the 9f temps we had here in Raleigh, NC.

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