Blooming Shrubs for Autumn


Encore Azaleas bloom at different times throughout the year.  This one is a great fall bloomer.


Camellia sasanquas is the first camellia to bloom in the fall.  It has a wonderful scent and when brought inside will fill a room with its perfume.


This dark pink is another sasanquas which is the “sister” of the one above and they are  joined forever for life.  For a couple of years it seemed as though this shrub had a personality problem.  It was sold as white, but the next year it bloomed dark pink.  The year after that it was white again!  Finally it revealed its true self and bloomed white and pink.  What?  It turns out that someone had grafted two different colors to one shrub.


This sweet Camellia sasanquas blooms right outside a window and gives a happy greeting every morning.


The Shui Shui camellia is a low growing shrub that will bloom through December.  It is planted with full southern exposure and takes the heat well.  It never disappoints.


As the weather cools down and the sunlight lessens, the Automatic Garden keeps blooming with Azaleas and Camellias.

6 Comments on “Blooming Shrubs for Autumn”

  1. Jardin says:

    Lovely! You’re so lucky to have these beautiful plants.

  2. Sheryl says:

    The flowering autumn shrubs are beautiful. The flowers are all gone here.

  3. You are making me miss Sasanquas, especially Yuletides!

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