A Case of: “You Asked for It and Got It”

For years the Gulf Coast and surrounding area has been in a drought.  Finally, the area got what it asked for. As everything is always bigger in this part of the country our wishes were more than fulfilled.  The result ,of course, was some flooding, but our rivers and lakes are filled for now. The Automatic Garden received 5.2 inches in three days and many other places got up to 12 inches from the same storm.  Even with these amounts, there is still a deficient.


Pots were knocked over.


Plants were downed.


The ground was saturated.


And branches fell.  Yes, there is some work to do as a result of the storm, but to finally have some rain, it is all worth it.

One Comment on “A Case of: “You Asked for It and Got It””

  1. Holleygarden says:

    We got almost 6 inches – I’ve been doing the happy dance!

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