Fall Blooming Gingers

Some Gingers prefer to bloom in the fall.  Planting spring, summer and fall blooming gingers will provide a long season.   Gingers are a great addition to the Automatic Garden as they are easy to care for and reproduce every year.


Costus pictus, a spiral ginger blooms one flower at a time.  That means it will be blooming for awhile, but having more than just one would make a better display.


This Hedychium Hybrid, Anne Bishop, was a  surprise late bloomer.


New to the Automatic Garden is the very cute Globba Globulifer, Purple Globe, that was plucked up at a plant exchange.  It has already bloomed three times and is making bulbils for next year.


This is a Globba Schomburgkii or Yellow Dancing Lady at the end of its season.  It forms bulbils where the flowers were, but the interesting part is the bulbils that form inside the stem.

5 Comments on “Fall Blooming Gingers”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    I have just started learning about gingers, and have added some to my garden this year. Yours are gorgeous. Anne Bishop is so beautiful – and very interesting, too! I would love to hear more about the gingers in your garden, and when they bloom for you.

    • I am not an expert, but I will work on a post about them. I am an experimental gardener and try many different plants. Gingers have worked well here. You can also do “search” on my blog which will show quite a few and I post when they are in bloom.

  2. gaiainaction says:

    Could you also tell me if any of these are ginger that you harvest the root from to use in cooking? My ginger plant has very slim leaves, has not flowered yet.

    • I don’t harvest any of them and only raise the gingers for flowers. They are left in the ground,as they make it through the winter in our climate, and grow back every year.

      • gaiainaction says:

        Yes I realise now, I had not read your explanation of that. Beautiful flower, well worth it.

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