Victory is Mine!


Found at last…my reading glasses or as I like to call them my “weeding” glasses.  They have been missing for weeks or possibly months and yet, there they were resting folded and upright, staring at me from the back of the garden bed. With a good cleaning, they may be revived. But this is one small victory.  I am still missing quite a few other pairs that are probably long buried in compost.  I like to imagine future archaeologists pondering the mystery of why the ancients (us) threw their glasses into garden beds!

2 Comments on “Victory is Mine!”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    I have to have my glasses to see, so I would be looking for them immediately. But they do get yanked off occasionally by an errant branch. Since I started wearing glasses, I’ve found they are wonderful at keeping thorns out of the eyes!

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