Bushwhacking & This and That


The good news is that the bushes are growing  well.  The bad news is the bushes are growing well. Here are the results of a morning of bushwhacking.  Other results are a free workout and money saved by not hiring someone.


This little Tree Frog was found tucked away in the curve of a ginger leaf.


And that is the alpha Hummingbird on a high perch guarding his Hummingbird Bushes (Hamelia paten).

3 Comments on “Bushwhacking & This and That”

  1. It is amazing how much everything grows! I was looking at pictures of when I purchased the house 10 years ago and I am like “wow” I have planted so much! No wonder my Roth IRA is so small! 🙂

  2. Love the little froggy!!!

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