Four O’Clocks?


I think not!


Six O’Clocks is more like it.  These plants are on their own schedule.  None the less, they provide color in the garden late in the day when many of the other residents are closing down for the night.


Four O’Clock flowers (Mirabilis jalapa) are about the size of a quarter and multiple ones open every evening all over the plant.  They have a very pleasant scent that will continue if plucked off and brought inside.  Four O’Clocks are great passalong plants and easily reseed.  In the South they grow a tuber and are heat and drought tolerant perennials. The Aztecs grew them in Mexico and the flowers made their way to Europe in the 1500’s.

3 Comments on “Four O’Clocks?”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    Yours are pretty! Looking at their flower structure, you would think they would be perfect for hummingbirds. But not in the dark! Maybe hummingbird moths enjoy them instead!

  2. We used to grow these when I was a kid–although perhaps a different variety. I remember they produced a round little hard seed…? Easy to keep going year to year because the seeds were so manageable.

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