Night Lizards


We call these cute little guys Night Lizards.  They are actually Mediterranean Geckos that caught a ride to the New World.  They only come out at night and help with eating bugs, including the dreaded cockroach.  When the Night Lizards are held up to light (if you are able to catch them), they are somewhat transparent and their inners can be seen.


In this photo there are five lizards and there are about five more on the other side of the porch. An interesting fact about these black-eyed Geckos, is that they can cast off their tail if attacked by a predator and the tail will continue to move to distract the attacker.  A few tailless babies were found in the house near a very happy cat.   They were captured and released back outside… minus their tails.  The good news is that our night lizards can regrow their tails.  In Southeast Asia, they are considered harbingers of good luck.  Maybe the good luck will be a better growing garden with less bugs.

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