At last, some rain.  There was nothing to do but sit on the porch, feel the cool wind and listen to the raindrops and the roll of the thunder.


Rain is hard to photograph when you are not a professional.  Hopefully, this works somewhat.  It is a Chocolate Plant (Pseuderanthemum alatum) that came up in the cobble rock and was covered in water from the over-flow off of the roof. There are a few circles from the raindrops.  This area’s rainfall is 12 inches below normal for this year and lacking 5 feet for the last 5 years since Hurricane Ike.  We will take any drop we can get.

One Comment on “Rain”

  1. Holleygarden says:

    I am so jealous!!!! The last few rains in this area have gone around us. And you got some cool wind, too? Oh, you are really rubbing it in now! 😉

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