Turf Wars

Hummingbirds are having a turf war in the garden.  The Bottle Brush has put out a few blooms, the Coral Vine is full of flowers and the Hummingbird Bush has begun to rebloom.  This activity has attracted the Hummers and there seems to be at least four of them vying for nectar.  But, they just cannot peacefully feed.  It is an all out war of chasing and dive bombing each other.  One youngster came within two feet of my face several times to give me the “what for”.  My size won that encounter.


With the Hummingbirds in a heighten frenzy, taking photos today was impossible.  Here is a previous photo taken through a window (not the best quality), but the point being made is clear.

5 Comments on “Turf Wars”

  1. lornagannon says:

    Thanks for sharing… love the idea of hummingbirds in the garden!

  2. Holleygarden says:

    It looks like you have a big family of hummers this year! They are so pretty. But, I just hate to hear them squabbling over the feeder! You would think they could learn to share!

  3. Which sort of hummers do you get down there, btw? We used to have Anna’s mostly in L.A. but sometimes a few winter migrants of varying types. Bottle brush is just a total hummer magnet!

    • In the Gulf Coast region, our main hummingbird in the summer is Ruby Throat and occasionally Buff-bellied, which is larger. Rufous will winter here along with Black-chinned. I believe I had an Anna’s visit early spring last year. Hummingbirds seem to be changing their range and many believe it is because of hummingbird gardening and feeders, plus more people are documenting and may just be more aware. I was pleased to see my Rufous stayed during the Arctic Blast. Texas with its many climate zones have 18 varieties of hummers.

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