Something About Yellow

On these oppressively hot summer days, the Yellows seem to thrive.  Their bright colors pop from across the yard when the rest of the flowers can’t even be bothered to open in the summer heat.



The first two photos are of Rudbeckia.  The large flowered one has been in the garden for over ten years and the small one is a recent pass-a-long plant.  The exact names are long lost and there are many different varieties of Rudbeckia.  Both are perennials that also reseed, which makes them a perfect pick for the Automatic Garden.


Yellow Bells, also called Esperanza (tecoma stans),  love the heat and are at their best on the hottest days. They likewise win high points for enduring the drought we have been dealing with the past few years.


White Wing (Mussaenda Luteola) have tiny flowers that cover the shrub with eye catching yellow.  It started out in a small nursery pot and has grown to 4 feet tall.  It is a true tropical and spends cold days in the garage.


Evening Primrose or Oenothera grandiflora greets me each morning with its sunny yellow blooms outside the window.  It begins to bloom as the sun sets, but will stay open for most of the morning. It is a reseeding annual.  Oenothera grandiflora was collected by William Bartram in 1775 near Mobile Bay, Alabama.  And yes, as William put it, it is a pompous and brilliant (yellow) plant!

One Comment on “Something About Yellow”

  1. Pretty yellows in your garden. Our night bloomer is also a member of the primrose family, but we have to get outside very early to catch the blooms!

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