Do plants have intelligence?  Instinct?  A question that has been asked.  This houseplant had to be trimmed and the cuttings were  given a  second chance in the yard.  And they took it.  The cuttings rooted and headed in the direction of the composter’s leaking nutrients.  How smart is that?  One of the Automatic Garden’s earlier post featured plants that “walked” (May 1, 2012).  Obviously, they were looking for a better place to grow.  Yes, it is true that all plants have growing conditions, but it is amazing when they find it on their own.


An interesting book on the subject is Michael Pollan’s “The Botany of Desire”.  It is a sure bet that most gardeners have read it, but if not, it is really fascinating.  Mr. Pollan contends that beings are attracted to plants and that plants adapt to attract those beings to fill their needs, such as bees to pollinate and humans to spread seeds.

Plants may not exactly have intelligence as we would measure it, but they have found many ways to get what they need.

2 Comments on “Intelligence?”

  1. Beautiful! What is the plant with the arrowhead shaped leaves? Is it a caladium?

  2. Holleygarden says:

    Oh, yes, I do think plants have some intelligence. I think that’s why I always feel guilty when I kill one. I have not read this book, but since it’s from Michael Pollan, I bet I would really like it!

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